Kid Serve is a way for children in 1st-5th grade to get involved in serving the Body of Christ regularly.

To join Kid Serve, you will need to register and download a covenant that you and your child will read and sign together, then bring to church. You can also pick up copies at the QUEST desk. Once you’ve signed up, a Kid Serve team lead will contact you with details about your specific place of service.

Sign up here
Download the Kid Serve Covenant

Here are some the ways you can serve at QUEST on Sunday mornings:

Junior Volunteer

Junior volunteers aid and assist in younger classrooms. They report to class leaders and help them in any way, as well as play and engage with the children in the class.

Sound Team

These team members are trained to run sound during the Clubhouse service.

Prayer Team

The prayer team will work with the prayer coordinator to pray for QUEST requests, children, families, and volunteers on Sunday mornings and at home throughout the week.

Door Greeters

These volunteers make everyone welcome as they arrive to the Clubhouse each Sunday!

Set Up Team

These helpers arrive early and help set up the Clubhouse for service.

Clean Up Team

The Clean Up Team makes sure everything is put back in its place after the second service.


The worship team learns the songs and hand motions for the week and helps lead the Clubhouse in praise and worship.