“…And his name (Messiah, Jesus Christ) shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6

The ultimate goal of all counsel should be to point others to The Counselor, Jesus Christ.

Whether friend, pastor, trained counselor, or outside professional we are convinced that Jesus Christ is the true Redeemer and Healer of people. While most in our local congregation freely engage in exchanging advice and counsel on a broad spectrum of life’s issues, both basic and complicated, those listed on this page are frequently used as an extension of our pastoral care.

Before scheduling an appointment with Heart Song counselor John Lauber, please read all of the following Questions & Answers.

Q: John Lauber is part of an outside counseling group called Heart Song, if I choose to meet with him, where will counseling be held?
A: John will conduct his counseling at the main RBC building.

Q: What is John’s background and experience?
A: John has his own story how the LORD prepared and trained him for serving the body of Christ. You will find a summary on the Heart Song website.

Q: How do I set an appointment with John Lauber?
A: Please click on his scheduling link below. Then either click the “90-Minute Skype Session” or scroll down the page until you see “90 Minute Session – Reston Bible Church” and click there. Then click on one of the bold calendar dates and the rest should be self-explanatory.

Schedule an Appointment

Q: From the Heart Song website, it appears that John’s theological training may result in him or his staff holding different doctrinal positions than the Elder Council and pastors at RBC. How will those differences be handled?
A: John and HeartSong agrees to submit to RBC leadership’s doctrine and positions while counseling at RBC.

Q: Are we only to contact those listed in the contacts section of this page directly for counseling?
A: No. You are free to reach out to any pastor, elder, or other person you choose.

Q: Who should we contact for pre-marital counseling?
A: While you are free to speak to any pastor about pre-marital counseling, because of time constraints they will likely refer you to Mike Meyers, our Pastor of Family Life. It is part of Mike’s job description to handle all of RBC’s pre-marital counseling.

Q: Is John and Heart Song the only counselor(s) that pastors will be referring people to?
A: While John will be an extension of RBC’s pastoral care just as Paul Goodnight has been, based on specific complexities and needs of an individual, RBC Pastors may suggest others within our
congregation whose life journey and redemptive story might best minister Christ’s love and perspective to the person in pain. From time to time we will also suggest resources outside our fellowship. For example, when medication is involved both RBC and John refer the person to outside resources.

Q: Is all counseling at RBC still going to be free?
A: No. However, the first session will be free. With Paul’s retirement and using John and Heart Song as an extension of pastoral care, counseling will now transition to fee-based for both John and Cheryl Ryan. There will be no fee associated with seeing Pastors, trained counselors part of the Lay Counseling Ministry (LCM), or others.

Q: Why are you switching to fee-based counseling?
A: Although not an exhaustive answer, this change is meant to support John and Heart Song’s services, to encourage serious participation in possible “homework” or assignments, and to maintain a scholarship fund for those who cannot afford to contribute to their counseling.

Q: What is the fee and how does it work?
A: Contact John Lauber or Cheryl Ryan when you are considering meeting with them and they will explain the details.

Q: What if I wish to meet with John or Cheryl but do not have any money to contribute to the fee?
A: The most important thing is for us to figure out a way for you to be able to best work through the things that have you considering counseling and see how Christ is going to redeem and transform [those things]. The generosity of the congregation at RBC has allowed the leadership to offer scholarships for counseling, including offering the first session for free. However, your ability to pay as much of your counseling fee as possible will allow us to help someone in the future by keeping the counseling scholarship fund fully funded. John and Cheryl will discuss this with you when you meet with them.

If you have further questions, please contact Cheryl Ryan at cherylryan@restonbible.org.

For lay counseling, please contact Barbara Giuliano at bgiuli7697@aol.com. The Lay Counseling Ministry (LCM) are counselors trained by Dr. Bill Clarke, a licensed Christian psychologist who attends RBC and has been active here for many years.