We believe the whole church, including children, should be involved in missions as outlined in the Bible… (Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 1:8, Roman 10:13-14, Matthew 24:14)

Q4M is a direct reflection of the commitment of Reston Bible Church to missions and missionaries. It is the goal of Q4M to foster this same passion in the hearts of our children at a very young age. We provide various opportunities for children to express their commitment to give of their talents and resources to the cause of missions.

Here are some ways that children can be involved throughout the year:

  1. PRAY… kids participate in the most powerful thing we can do for the cause of missions… we share and pray for different needs that come up during the year during service and in classes and you can pray with them during meal times using the RBC Missionary Prayer book. You can request one at the RBC welcome desk.
  2. GIVE… towards the Quest Mission of the Year projects –  Children can save/collect their coins and bring them on Sundays to put them in the Quest Missionary offering box OR they can earn money from doing extra jobs around the house or in the neighborhood and give what they earned online. See below how to give online.
  3. GO… participate in the annual family missions trips sponsored by RBC for children starting from 4th grade on. Learn more here!
  4. ENCOURAGE/SUPPORT… Prepare Christmas Cards to send to Missionaries – every year we send hundreds of cards to the 200 + missionaries that RBC supports to encourage and bless them during the Christmas season.

Online Giving Option

You are invited to join us by giving financially to Quest 4 Missions and our missionary of the year!

Give here

If you have any questions on how you and your child can be involved in missions through QUEST, please email tonycho@restonbible.org.

Annual Cornhole Fundraiser

This is a great way to get involved in missions with your kids and have fun doing it. The event raises funds to support the Quest Missionary of the Year. For more info, email Tony Cho at tonycho@restonbible.org.

Click here to find out details about the event OR sign up to help volunteer to setup or clean up.