Good Samaritan Advocates at RBC provides free legal help to those in our local community who cannot afford to consult with a lawyer.

Clinic appointments consist of a consultation with our pro bono attorneys, who will help you sort through your legal problems, assess your legal needs, review your documents, and provide general legal advice and spiritual counseling.


What Good Samaritan Advocates can do for you:

  • Help you understand your legal rights
  • Explain basic legal concepts related to your problem
  • Explain documentation or paperwork you’ve received
  • Provide advice on negotiating a dispute
  • Recommend action steps you can take to resolve your situation
  • Help you prepare for a hearing where you represent yourself
  • Point you to other legal resources

What Good Samaritan Advocates cannot do for you:

  • We cannot be your attorney (e.g., represent you in court or take action for you against an opposing party, etc.)
  • We cannot guarantee anyone else to be your attorney
  • We cannot guarantee that the situation can be resolved in your favor
  • We cannot help walk-in clients
  • We cannot respond to time-sensitive emergencies

How to request an appointment

To request an appointment with Good Samaritan Advocates of Reston Bible Church, you will need to apply first by filling out a simple intake form, which you can find at the link below.

There are several ways to return your completed intake form:

  • Email the completed form to:
  • Fax the form to Betsy Madden at (888) 698-4840
  • Mail or hand deliver the form to: Reston Bible Church 45650 Oakbrook Court, Dulles, VA 20166

Once your form is received, we will call or email you letting you know if you have been approved for an appointment at the legal clinic. Please note that if your form is not filled out completely it will be returned and this may delay your chance of securing an appointment at the next legal clinic.

Download the Intake Form