Reston Bible Church desires to see solid, biblically growing churches planted around the world.

We define “missions” as a ministry outside the continental United States or a state-side ministry which supports ministries outside the continental United States. We support approximately 240 cross-cultural and national missionaries, many of whom have been raised at RBC.


RBC has had the privilege of sending out numerous people from our congregation over the years to be full-time missionaries. In order for RBC to be the “Sending Church,” one must attend RBC and go through the RBC Internship Program. This program is designed to help one get from a desire to be a full time missionary to actually getting on the foreign mission field. It is customized to tailor each applicant’s individual place in their walk with the Lord and their desired type of service, such as church planting or support work. The Missions Committee and the Council of Elders must approve all those who enter the Internship Program. Upon successful completion of the Internship Program the Council of Elders must give their final approval on the person becoming a full-time missionary.  Each intern is assigned a personal counselor that walks through the program with them individually and holds them accountable for completion.


This program is designed to encourage our missionaries and assist the congregation in getting to know them. “Adoption” consists of mainly prayer and communication but can include phone calls, visits, gifts, etc. “Adoption” can be done by a family or a Small Group.

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RBC is a part of the Northern Virginia Missions Consortium. This consortium is comprised of the following local churches: RBC, Chantilly Bible Church, Cherrydale Baptist Church, Immanuel Bible Church and Grace Bible Church. The purpose of the consortium is to help missionaries from the consortium churches get to the missions field faster by receiving prayer and financial support from the consortium churches.