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Event Update: Daddy-Daughter Dance

paintthetownredThis year was the 5th Annual Daddy-Daughter Valentine’s Dance, and it was a huge hit once again! I had the privilege of serving at the event for the 4th year in a row. Needless to say, I am richly blessed by this event each year, so that is why I keep coming back to serve!

This year’s theme was “Paint the Town Red” and the painting theme was incorporated throughout the church. In addition to a large paintbrush in the lobby, there were paint cans hanging above the tables in the Clubhouse where red plastic flowed out and onto the tables. There were even dipped pretzel sticks that looked like paintbrushes!

The evening began for the girls with a special dinner date with their dad.  Afterwards,  they arrived at the church to receive their corsage and to get their portraits taken with their dad.  Both dads and girls were all dressed-up for the evening. The girls had obviously spent time carefully picking out their lovely, sparkling, flowing dresses especially for this evening. They were absolutely stunning with their hair styled and make-up done (some of them better than I can accomplish, I might add!). Afterwards, they enjoyed an evening of crafts, ice cream sundaes and dancing. The evening finished off with a talk about the “Grand Finale of Creation” – the girls themselves. What an excellent ending to the evening where these girls were being celebrated! The second grand finale was a shower of red balloons falling from the ceiling of the sanctuary, which the girls absolutely loved!

i-JkW6v6b-LWhile all of the dresses, decorations, crafts and desserts were amazing, the REAL focus of the evening was daddy-daughter relationships. This dance provides an opportunity for dads to be intentional about spending one-on-one time with their daughters, which is something that can be hard to do in the hustle and bustle of life. I especially loved watching the girls posing for pictures with their dads. I was able to look through the pictures at the end of the evening and tears filled my eyes. What a wonderful keepsake for the girls to remember this evening with their dad, where they felt cherished and connected with their father. I know the girls will remember this time fondly.

Not only was this evening important for the special relationship between dads and their daughters, but it also has implications for the girls’ future. A friend of mine posted something on Facebook that I think directly relates to this. She said that when she was younger, her Daddy gave her a strand of pearls and told her that she, like the pearls, was beautifully refined and worthy of being treasured. Now in college, she was wearing the strand of pearls while on a date with a man who truly treasured her. She said she was thankful for her dad who set the standard for how she should be loved. I love how the Daddy-Daughter Valentine’s Dance provides a place where this teaching can begin. Here, fathers can teach their daughters what it looks like to be cherished and loved, setting a precedent for the rest of their lives. It is truly a special event!

-Angela Caldwell, event volunteer

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Daddy Daughter Valentine Dance


RBC Valentine_067Each year, the Daddy Daughter Dance steps fully into the spotlight for 120 girls and their dads who enjoy a night brimming with classy dress, sweet treats, and crafts galore.  It’s a special break away from sweatpants and homework helpers towards a focus on relationship.  Hear what we heard after the Dance in 2013 and consider this opportunity to join us.

Awesome job and awesome event!  Literally the best event and time Savannah and I have shared together.  In asking her for her favorite part, her response was, “All of it!” – Chad Baker (Dad)

You guys rock. Awesome event, as always; this was the best one yet, which is hard to believe because past years were awesome too. – Jeff Henshaw (Dad)

Thank you for putting so much effort into this event. The Dance is so special for the Fathers and daughters. Memories being created that are priceless and will last forever. – Leta Hershey (Craft Volunteer)

One of the most memorable nights I have ever had with my oldest daughter. – Anonymous Dad

This year’s Dance – themed Enchantment Under the Sea –  will take place on Saturday, February 8 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. The evening will be filled with a dinner date with dad, games, arts and crafts, yummy dessert, a photo with your daughter, and of course dancing!

The Dance is open to any young lady between 1st and 5th grade. Space is limited – so be sure to register early! Get information and register at

AWANA: Expanding the Kingdom


RBC’s AWANA club has been around for over 25 years.  AWANA, which stands for Approved Workmen are Not Ashamed (not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ) provides children 4 years of age through the 6th grade with opportunities to memorize Scripture and create Christian friendships that end up spanning a lifetime –  there’s a whole lot of fun in doing it!

If you are new to RBC and are not sure what the AWANA program is, or if you have never considered enrolling your children in the program – here are a few things to consider.

AWANA meets every Sunday night during the club year. This year, we will go start September 15th, 2013 and go through May 6th. We meet every Sunday evening from 4:30 to 6:30 pm here at the church.  All programs – Cubbies, Sparks, and T&T – meet at the same time so if you have multiple kids, all can come and participate!

The AWANA program stresses Bible memorization for all ages.  Now, how many verses can you say that you have memorized over the years?  Some of our clubbers memorize up to 60 or more verses each year… Just think of how much of a lasting impact this can have on them as they grow up and navigate their teen years!

During our club time, we also have a special portion set aside for games.  Even our 4-year old clubbers share in an involved games time and learn the meaning of teamwork and fellowship.

Finally, each club offers a council time message that is age-appropriate.  They learn about the Bible, how to apply God’s Word to their lives, and most importantly, see how God is moving in their own lives!  We bring in special speakers, watch skits, and hear from our volunteers about what God is doing in our midst.

I have been involved with the AWANA program for 16 years.  Both of my children participated in the program, and are now volunteering alongside me and my husband.  I did not come to know the Lord until I was 18, and I am always telling the clubbers how fortunate they are to be able to learn about God and how to walk with God at such a young age.  What a blessing it is to work with these young children, walk alongside the parents, and instill a real love for God in their lives!

Please don’t just consider registering your children – but consider your involvement in this important Children’s Ministry as well.  AWANA continues the work that Mike Meyers (Director of Children’s Ministry at RBC) and his team do on Sunday mornings.

Pastor Paul Goodnight has often referred to our program as “organized chaos.” Well, when you put 300 kids in one place, yes it is. But it is fun. It is rewarding.  And most of all, the Kingdom of God is expanded.  Please join us!

Links to register children, to volunteer and to donate scholarships can be found at

-Marci Kinter, AWANA Coordinator

Event Update: Daddy-Daughter Dance

vdance2013_galaguideThe arrival to our annual Daddy-Daughter Valentine’s Dance was posh this year with valet parking, corsages upon entry, and a formal photo shoot before heading into the exhibits area for this year’s dance, The National Gallery of Heart: Love on Display.  The girls and their dates visited several exhibitions, including the Hope Diamond room where they fashioned their own version of the necklace or the Portrait Gallery where dads and daughters could choose a frame to draw their own work of art right on the wall!  A bit later in the evening, the Dessert Café opened with a sundae bar, and then came the big reveal in the auditorium with a freshly-installed wooden dance floor and a DJ showcasing some struttin’ music!  With a little over 200 folks in attendance, the night was brimming with joyful laughter and sweet smiles.

RBC Valentine_085At one point in the evening, everyone was assembled to discuss that there are lots of ways that dads can put “Love on Display” for their wives and children.  However, the only perfect example of “Love on Display” in history was Jesus Christ’s death on the cross (John 15:13).  Jesus took on the penalty that we deserve for the times when we don’t love perfectly, forgave us for the times when we turn away from Him, and opened the door for us to live with Him in heaven for eternity.  All we need to do is trust in what Jesus has already done for us. Jesus truly is, always, love on display.

RBC Valentine_018For myself personally, there was never a moment to sit as I poised my volunteers for the next transition in the evening’s agenda or checked on the maraschino cherry stash.  I’m so thankful that my duties kept me in and out of every room constantly throughout the night so that I could witness the fun and the awed faces of the couples with each new reveal!  My eyes vigilantly searched in the nooks and corners in each room and I was never disappointed in the findings as I saw dads and their girls involved one-on-one in their own conversations, whether it was answering some questions we posed in their Gala Guide, or telling their own stories as they worked their way through each gallery exhibit.RBC Valentine_084

The girls and their dates were blessed with a dedicated crew of volunteers and several staff members who made this night shine!  May we be blessed to continue this event for years to come.

Have a story from the Daddy-Daughter Dance you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or drop us an email at

The Treehouse

Clearly you live in Northern Virginia when you can find a treehouse inside a building.  This is your chance to take a peek inside… INSIDE Reston Bible Church’s Children’s Ministry Treehouse!


What it is …

The Treehouse is a special service time for children of all ages (toddlers through 5th graders) whose parents stay during an additional Sunday morning service to either attend an ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) or to volunteer.  It’s not always engaging for the little guys to be involved in their QUEST class twice, and so we offer The Treehouse during the 9:30am service as an alternative for the children who participate in QUEST and stay through the additional time.


What it is … NOT.

Although there is a time of teaching and relaxed activities, the Treehouse is not intended to be an alternative to QUEST, but rather an extension of the biblical base gained in the QUEST classrooms.  If you spend one block of time on Sunday mornings attending a worship serve and another block volunteering or attending an ABF – and have children – The Treehouse is an awesome opportunity for your kids.


BUT WAIT, there’s more!  This fall, the Treehouse’s older attenders (1st-5th graders) will be introduced to a new face that brings the focus more deliberately towards a missions-minded morning.

The Treehouse meets all year at the 9:30am service time, upstairs in Room 238.  For further inquiry, find Hannah at the QUEST Desk on Sundays or drop me an email.

Father-Daughter Dance Recap

In the spring, a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of (sigh) baseball.

It’s true.  But before spring hits, February 14th peeps around a wintery corner and we find an affectionate group meandering the Children’s Ministry halls for the 2nd annual Father / Daughter Dance.  This is my personal favorite event of the year for our little ladies who come with hair curled, cheeks blushed and a curtsey-worthy gown for a night of fun and conversation with their fathers or special date (who also dress the part in a suit and tie).  The evening starts off with fathers tokening their young ladies with corsages and a formal photo shoot.  From there, it’s delightful chaos as they spend their evening walking through a couple hundred helium balloons while visiting crafts rooms, eating desert, and finally, dancing the night away!

Yes, it’s meant to be fun and enjoyable (and I think it’s safe to say, it is!), but there is something much deeper at work on this special night.  Gavin Long, an RBC dad who attended with his lovely ladies, shares from his perspective:

“The worlds of a father and his young daughter can sometimes be vastly different. Dads are battling in the marketplace, while their daughters are concerned about who likes them at school. Dads are anticipating March Madness, while his daughter is dreaming of a new dress. The Valentine’s Dance creates a common experience to let those two worlds converge. Dads are not always the best when it comes to expressing their feelings, but events like the Valentine’s Dance provide fathers with an environment to connect with their daughters in an intentional and intimate way. Simple events like this go a long way in bridging the potential divide between the worlds of fathers and daughters, providing us, as fathers, with a powerful, but accessible way of communicating love to our little girls. It is that experience of fatherly love that dramatically shapes how our girls think about themselves, their families and God throughout their lives.”

Last year, we received numerous responses back from dads telling us that this night was a springboard for them to initiate a deeper relationship with their girls.  Praise the Lord! This year, I was able to see some of the benefits before the night even ended.  You’ve got to love overhearing a 2nd grade daughter asking her dad, “I have three things I really like about you.  Can I say more than one?”