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QUEST: Live Review Game for May 17

Dear Quest families!

There is no Quest recorded service for Sunday, May 17, so please have your 2nd – 5th grader join us for our Live Virtual Review Game according to the schedule below:

  • 9:00am: 2nd graders & parents
  • 9:45am: 3rd graders & parents
  • 10:30am: 4th graders & parents
  • 11:15am: 5th graders & parents

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Family Quest: The Rock (Peak 5, Lesson 2)



My mother is infamous for her sense of direction. Or should I say, lack there of. She once followed a car for some distance out of her way because, “they looked like they knew where they were going.” She has driven almost out of state before realizing she had taken a wrong turn. Mom was sure she was going in the right direction. She even thought she had recognized some landmarks. It took some time but Mom has learned to lean not on her own understanding when it comes to directions. Nowadays she makes sure she either rides with or follows someone who knows the right path.

Download Peak 5, Lesson 2

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ABOUT FAMILY QUEST: At Reston Bible Church, we firmly believe that parents are a child’s first and most important spiritual leader.  In order to support you that mission, we have created a parent devotional and some discussion starters to go along with each lesson your grade school age children are learning at Quest on Sundays. Our hope and prayer is that this material will help you to engage with your children around the topics they are learning on Sunday mornings, answer their questions, go deeper with them, and find real, day-to-day applications. We are honored to be able to partner with you in the critical task of sharing Christ with the next generation.

QUEST: April 5 Clubhouse Service


Read Matthew 21:1-11 in your preferred version, “The Triumphal Entry.”


“Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest heaven!” Matthew 21:9b


Lead your child in a prayer, thanking God for sending His only Son Jesus to save us.

Here Comes Jesus (Sung to 3 Blind Mice)
Here comes Jesus, Here comes Jesus,
Let’s praise Him, Let’s praise Him,
Wave our branches and sing,
Hosanna to the King,
Let’s praise Jesus, Let’s praise Jesus


Linked below are a coloring page, Jesus on a donkey craft (cut and glue together), and a picture of a Palm Leaf for you to make with your child (allow them to cut the palm fringe with safety scissors, if they are capable).

Consider having a Palm Sunday parade in your living room. Make several palm leaves, throw a blanket or jackets on the floor and take turns riding in on a donkey (stick horse or broom). 🙂 It might feel silly, but your preschooler will love it and it will help to solidify the story in their minds.

Download the take-home lesson Download the craft Download the coloring page

Quest News for April 3


1st-5th grade Clubhouse time is currently a prerecorded session with worship, announcements and the weekly message with Mr. Tony. It is uploaded each Sunday morning to the RBC Quest Facebook Page and the RBC Blog.

Preschool & Kindergarten parents, expect a second email this week with information and resources for you. Going forward, we will upload your child’s lesson to the FB page and here on the RBC blog each Sunday.

In addition, we want to encourage you to worship and listen to Pastor Mike’s messages on Sundays together as a family.


If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, please add the “fruit of the vine” and some bread (flat bread, crackers, matzah, or regular bread of any kind) to your shopping list this week, because we will be celebrating communion together online on April 5th during RBC’s normal online worship service.  Traditionally, we use flat/unleavened bread, but please use whatever you have available. The power is not in the elements themselves, but in Jesus, to whom they point. 

For many children, this may be their first introduction to communion. Attached is a resource to assist you in speaking to your children about this sacred tradition, along with coloring pages and a word search for younger children.


Our Facebook page has updates, quarantine activities, videos from leaders and much more! Make sure you “like” the page to keep in touch with updates and resources, and invite your friends to the page as well. You can find it here.


More than ever, it is so important to spend time in God’s word reading TRUTH! Your 1st-5th grade children can turn in completed FQC sheets electronically. Just send a photo or scan of your sheet to A blank FQC sheet is attached to this email, for those who need it. Raffle winners will be announced during the Clubhouse videos and contacted via email.


Passover Seder – An email with family friendly resources and instructions will be sent out next week.

Raising the next generation to know Christ with you,

Tony & the Quest Team