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Service Opportunity: Communion Servers

Would you consider volunteering as a Communion Server at RBC?

Each month at RBC, we have the privilege of celebrating the Lord’s supper together as a church body.  We take communion together in obedience to Christ in His command to remember Him. This simple act of obedience is a joy that unites us both to Christ and to each other as believers in the body of Christ as we remember Christ’s love for us as exhibited by His broken body and shed blood on our behalf.

In celebrating communion each month, our goal is to have a team of men and women who serve the elements once a quarter at the service they already attend.  If we have enough volunteers to serve once a quarter, they are then able to enjoy communion with everyone else in the service on their “off” months.  However, we need many more volunteers to act as Communion Servers to offload the responsibility of our current volunteers.

Would you consider serving as a Communion Server at RBC?


If you are interested in serving or getting more information, please contact Kemper DeGroot at Our prayer is that many would join in the blessing of serving Christ by serving His church.

VIDEO: Host Team – People, Not Puppets

Interested in serving at Reston Bible Church? We are now accepting volunteers for our Host Team – the group of volunteers who serve on Sunday mornings as Ushers, Greeters, Welcome Desk, Coffee, and Parking Attendants. The Host Team helps make our worship services inviting & welcoming, and we are always looking for people to serve. Emphasis on people.

For more information or to volunteer to serve, contact Kemper DeGroot at or look online at

Conversations 2013 Recap



20130321-conversations_rbc-6914-XLLast week, the RBC Sanctuary was transformed into Fast Eddie’s, a funky old diner, for the annual production of Conversations.

At Fast Eddie’s, families came on their way to the “best Spring Break trip of their lives,” infomercials from the infamous Kevin Winthrop, memories of lives spent together, and a community college study group.  We were serenaded by the music of Philip Phillips, Coldplay, Gabe Dixon, The Beatles and more… But most importantly, we heard stories of God’s grace in real lives.

It was a wonderful week, made possible by the more than 300 volunteers, who provided food, served in the Coffee Shop, ushered, baked cookies, etc.   We are so grateful for everyone who served, whether on stage, in the lobby or behind the scenes. More than 3,000 people attended Conversations this year, many of whom are friends, family, and neighbors of our regular attendees.  Many people were able to come, relax, and hear the truth of the Gospel message through this production! We’ve been encouraged by the many stories of how God enabled people to attend, is softening hearts, furthering the conversation, and working in our community as a result of this production and the faithfulness of our body to invite their friends.

Just before our final performance, we received an email from someone who first attended Conversations two years ago. They wrote, “I have attended Conversations each year since (including last night).  I really wanted you to know that you do have an impact on people.  I don’t know if you hear from many people who you have been involved helping start a relationship with Christ, or wonder if you have reached people – You have!  I’m living proof.”

We give thanks to our gracious God for what He has done – and may do still – through this production. Do you have a story to tell from your experience at Conversations? We’d love to hear it – drop us a line at


Remember the elevator scene from Conversations 2012?  Conversations 2013 saw the return of the infamous Kevin Winthrop.

Thanks to Mike Kelly for the photos above. You can check out more shots from Conversations by Mike here.

Thank You, Host Team!

We love to take the opportunity to thank those who serve at Reston Bible Church… which is exactly what we hoped to do at the Host Team Appreciation Dinner last week.

Our dinner was western-themed, complete with cowboy hats, bandanas, root beer, country music and a square dance!  The goal of our evening was simple: express appreciation to those who serve throughout the whole year – and have fun doing it.

What a blessing to see our volunteers fulfilling the vision to be stewards of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to guests and our congregation by demonstrating love, expressing value, and offering practical support at weekend services.

Week after week, our Host Team joyfully serves our congregation.  They have helped transform the culture of our church toward loving hospitality and we who attend get to reap the fruit of their service.

We are so thankful for those who serve on the Host Team at Reston Bible Church.

VIDEO: Host Team at RBC


“Be hospitable to one another without complaint.  As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God….so that in all things God may be glorified by Jesus Christ.” 1 Peter 4:9-11


At Reston Bible Church, we highly value the experience of those who attend Sunday services.  We want everyone who attends services with us to experience the care of Christ – to feel welcome, have information that is helpful and easily accessible, and to have a pleasant experience right from the time they drive onto our parking lot.

This is why we have a Host Team.

Our Host Team is the group of volunteers who serve on Sunday mornings as Ushers, Greeters, Coffee, Welcome Desk, and Parking Attendants.    We believe God has called us to hospitality and allows us to partner with Him as stewards of His grace to those who attend RBC.  Our goal is to express Christ’s value to guests and congregants while helping to meet practical needs.

I can tell you from experience what a blessing it is to serve in this ministry and how fun it is to welcome people, help answer a question, find someone a seat, or even pass out a bulletin.

As we move into the Fall season, we are in need of volunteers to serve in all areas of the Host Team.  If you’re looking for a way to serve or get to know some other people, this is a great opportunity.  For more information or to volunteer, check out or shoot me an email at

Conversations Recap

Conversations is the church-wide RBC production which takes place annually the week before Easter. All about stories, Conversations is a performance incorporating elements of music, drama, and real life testimonies – all interwoven into a unified production.  The ultimate goal of Conversations is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ clearly in a non-threatening environment to those who may otherwise not attend church.

This year, Conversations took place on a city street – complete with a billboard, café, movie theater, vendor cart, and an impressive street band.  With a balance of humor and emotional intensity, the scenes told stories of scavenger hunts, forgotten anniversaries, blind dates, awkward meetings with “the in-laws”, and long days.

Our band performed a great mix of songs – from artists like U2, The Beatles, Coldplay, and Jackson Browne and others.  And the real life stories were powerful accounts of God’s loving pursuit of individuals and families… through His provision, redemption, reconciliation, and satisfaction.

This year, about 3300 people attended Conversations throughout the week!  There were well over 300 people who participated as volunteers, doing everything from baking, to serving coffee, to providing childcare!

As we reflect back on the week, we continually see the grace of God in every step of the process. He is faithful to remind us that we are overwhelmingly dependent on Him and that His word will not return void.

Thank you to everyone who participated in volunteering, attending, and inviting your friends and family to Conversations this year.  We trust that God will use this production for His glory and look forward to seeing what He will accomplish with the seeds that were planted through this production!


(Photos by Mike Kelly. You can check out his gallery of Conversations photos here.)


REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey


We wanted to remind you about the REVEAL SPIRITUAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT, which is available online NOW through Sunday, March 13th.

We are asking everyone who regularly attends RBC to set aside 30-35 minutes to complete this anonymous, online survey. This is a very special opportunity and we need your feedback about your spiritual life and the role RBC plays in it.

It is important for every person who attends Reston Bible Church to complete this survey so we can get the most accurate picture of where we are as a church.

The findings from this survey will help shape our decisions about ministry strategy at RBC and your participation is essential. Please take the survey and encourage your friends, spouses, and Shepherd Groups to do the same. Thank you for your participation!

Please go to for more informationand or click the TAKE THE SURVEY graphic above to take the survey.

2010 Ministry Year in Review

As we continue into 2011, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on some of what we saw God do here at Reston Bible Church in 2010. I do pray this will be an encouragement to you, and while we don’t want to focus too much on numbers, it can be helpful to quantify some of what we have observed in 2010.


  • From January-July 2010, at the old campus, we received completed Visitor Cards from 145 guests.
  • From August- December 2010, as we’ve been in the new facility, we have received completed Visitor Cards from over 300 guests.
  • Since August 2010, at least 100 of the guests who have completed Visitor Cards have become regular attendees and  involved in ministry at RBC.
  • We have had 50 guests from our new surrounding neighborhood since we moved into this facility in August.
  • Since August, we have added 333 regularly-attending adults to our database.

Host Team:

  • Since the beginning of 2010, we have 100 new volunteers on the Host Team (almost 200% more volunteers than we had 12 months ago).
  • Since August 2010, we have added 2 areas of service under the umbrella of the Host Team – the Parking Team and Coffee Ministry.


  • Since August, our Welcome Desk Attendants give information to an average of 14 guests each weekend.
  • In the old building, our Greeters were greeting and Ushers passing out bulletins to an average of 1650 people each weekend.
  • In the new building, our Greeters have been greeting and Ushers passing out bulletins to an average of 2042 people each weekend.
  • Our Coffee Attendants serve an average of 27 gallons of coffee each weekend – about 400 cups.
  • Our Parking Attendants manage traffic for about 1050 vehicles each weekend – this is just our traffic alone (not including traffic for other businesses off Oakbrook Ct.)!
  • During the transition of buildings, we have had volunteers serving more frequently. Some Ushers serve for up to 3-4 months straight to assist with the flow of people.  We have two Parking Attendants who serve almost every week (and in all kinds of weather)!


  • Our Children’s Ministry has jumped 31% in attendance since moving into our new facility – from an average of 231 children to 303 children each weekend. Our AWANA ministry has seen significant growth as well.
  • Our Junior High Ministry has increased 69% since our move in August – from an average of 49 to 83 students attending each weekend.
  • Our Senior High Ministry has increased 26% since the move in August – from an average of 75 to 95 students attending each weekend.
  • Ladies Bible Studies have increased about 72% in the past year in attendance.

2010 was a dynamic year, and we are thankful for the blessing of seeing God work in significant ways. It is a joy to be a part of what God is doing here at Reston Bible Church!

Host Team Celebration

Last week marked the first annual Host Team Appreciation Celebration – this year in the theme of a Fiesta!

The Host Team is the group of volunteers made up of Ushers, Greeters, and Welcome Center Attendants who serve at the services for us each weekend.  In thanks for their service, the Host Team and their spouses were invited to attend the Fiesta – an evening of fun including dinner, games, thanks and encouragement for our volunteers.  We even ended the evening with piñatas, stuffed to the brim with candy…and yes, three (clearly inadequate) sticks were sacrificed on the piñatas this year.

In attendance to the Fiesta were volunteers who have been serving anywhere from the past couple of months to those who have been serving at RBC for more than 20 years.

The Fiesta was a wonderful celebration of how God has used this ministry for His glory and an opportunity to celebrate those who serve Him so faithfully through this ministry.

Interested in serving on the Host Team (Coffee Team, Greeters, Ushers, Welcome Center, or Parking)? Or just interested in attending the celebration next year to encourage our volunteers?  Contact Kemper DeGroot at for more information or to learn more about how you can serve here at Reston Bible Church.

Sharpie Party

After many years of praying and planning, Sunday, May 2nd was the first church-wide event at the new building. RBCers were invited to tour our new buildings then grab a sharpie and leave messages of gratitude to the Lord and thanks for the construction workers on the cement floors of our new church home.

Underneath the carpet and tiles of the floors of our church are now written many verses, prayers of petition and thanksgiving to God for His blessings to us.

Walking around the building, you could almost feel the pleasure of the Lord while reading the graffiti-laid floors as children and adults alike wrote notes of thanks to the faithful men who are working so hard to build this building.  Prayers for guests, the leadership, the congregation, and all who will enter through the doors of RBC were written everywhere, often in significant places throughout the building.  Verses of thanksgiving, requests for wisdom, commands, and the Gospel mark the floors of our building as prayers for RBC and reminders of what God has called us to at Reston Bible Church.

The Sharpie Party was a great joy as our congregation united together to celebrate what God has done and will do in this place.