FUSION Mission Team – Puerto Rico

When: June 21 to July 1

Cost: The cost of the trip is $1,750.

Want to support someone going on this trip?
Spring Clean will be held on April 6 to raise funds to support the students and leaders going on this trip. More details to come about this event.

Donate toward the trip

Why FUSION?: FUSION is a short-term mission experience, through the Sonlife organization, that strategically partners student ministries in the USA with churches in Latin America to multiply healthy, disciple-making student ministries in both locations. The goal for our team is to intentionally invest our lives into another student ministry by stepping into their culture and world like Jesus did. This is NOT in any way a “we are better than you”, but a true partnership in the Gospel.

Interested to know more about the organization behind FUSION? Go to their website here.

What does FUSION look like?: FUSION is a four-step (and typically a four-year) process in which we will be taking part in the first step this summer.

  • Step #1- Lay a healthy relational foundation and lead training centered around the foundational priorities of Jesus with the partner church.
  • Step #2- Building on the foundation that began in Step #1 and working with the same partner church, we will lead training centered around “ministry training” and help equip the local ministry with tools for investing in their spiritually lost friends.
  • Step #3- This time the investment in the partner church will continue by inviting them to send a short-term mission team to our community for cross-cultural ministry. Our team will lead training on “expanded outreach.”
  • Step #4- The final step in the process is to “pass the torch” of disciple-making to the partner church by leading training centered on “leadership multiplication.” Our team will travel with the partner church to another local ministry in Puerto Rico where they will facilitate a new Step #1 and in doing so keep the disciple-making movement going.

The goal is long-term disciple-making investments and multiplication.

How to apply?
Applications are now closed for this trip.

Fund raising?
The Sr. High Ministry will provide an opportunity to help raise funds for the trip through Spring Clean (Saturday, April 6). We will do varying projects for homeowners both inside and outside RBC. We ask that students and their families participate in this day.

Have more questions? Please email leebanton@restonbible.org.