We will be going back to Austin with Lead the Cause in 2019, and we will be taking a team to Costa Rica with FUSION.

Why do we do this? The answer has a lot to do with the model that Jesus had with His disciples when He invited them to follow Him. As they followed Jesus, He showed them what caring for others looked like and they got to see what He did and hear and be changed by His teaching. Jesus then called His disciples to join Him in the work of the ministry. He gave them “on the job” training which allowed them to seek wisdom from Him as they needed it. Jesus’ last step with His disciples was to send them out to do ministry on their own. We see this same process being fulfilled in very tangible ways through our summer missions program.

The Lead the Cause trip will allow our students to grow in their walks with God and to see how He works. The staff gets to go and do ministry with them in a stretching environment where God has to “show up.” Our students end up being greatly encouraged as they see God working through them directly. One major goal for our students is for them to be prepared as they “go” into school, work, athletics, etc, to live and stand for Jesus. When they choose to stand in “the gap” daily, God can work through them in an unrestricted way – loving and impacting others where they are in real time. The gospel message is a powerful thing – when it is shared.

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Lead the Cause Mission Trip (Austin, Texas)

When: June 23-29 in Austin, Texas (Freshmen Campout – July 1-2 in Lovettsville, Va.)

Approximate Cost: We currently estimate the cost of the trip to be $1250. The cost of the trip could change depending on airfare.

Requirements: Those applying for the LTC Team must know Christ as their personal Savior and be in a growing walk with Him. They need to commit to be stretched in preparing to clearly share and defend their faith. They need to be able to work well with others and follow the direction of the team’s leadership. They need to be committed to putting what they learn.

Who: The LTC team is open to RBC students currently in 9th grade through 12th graders. Team size is approximately 15 students and 5 staff.

What: LTC (Lead the Cause) is a one-week mission trip to Austin, TX, designed to train teens to share their faith with their friends and to grow in their walk with Christ. The mornings are filled with training on how to share your faith with others and how to defend the Christian faith. In the afternoons, the team will go out into the city engaging with people in gospel conversations. In the evening our group will participate in passionate worship, engaging teaching, and personal team time. The team will complete their mission by leading the Freshman Camp Out on July 1-2. The team will welcome, encourage, and pass on what they have learned to the freshmen coming into the Gap.

More questions? Please contact leebanton@restonbible.org.

If you’d like to donate toward a youth missions trip, please use the link below. Thank you!

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FUSION Mission Trip (Costa Rica)

Mission 1: Costa Rica FUSION June 21 to July 2
Mission 2: RBC Summer Camp FUSION July 21 to July 27

Approximate Cost: The support amount each FUSION Team member will need to raise is $1850. This includes all administrative and training costs. It covers the travel, food, lodging, and team activities in Costa Rica. It includes the cost for the RBC Summer Camp. Additional costs may include getting a passport and a gift for the host family. Team members will need to bring money only for incidentals in Costa Rica and souvenirs.

Requirements: Those applying for the FUSION team must know Christ as their personal Savior and be in a growing walk with Him. They need to commit to be stretched personally, relationally, and spiritually. They will need to attend the team training times and complete the assignments they are given. Team members will need to be able to work well with others, be able to willingly follow the direction of the leadership, and be flexible to deal with new and changing situations. This mission is open to young believers who are eager to grow and to mature teens who have chosen to live for Christ and to lovingly serve others. All applicants will also need to join in the commitment to bring what they learn and experience back home and to continue to live “on mission” in following Jesus.

What Is FUSION?: We are working with the Mission Organization called FUSION which is a part of the SONLIFE Ministry that the RBC Youth Staff has worked with for over 25 years. We have attended their training conferences which include SEMP and what is now called “Lead The Cause”. FUSION is their Missions Program that has been working in South America since 1995. Their heart is to take a healthy youth ministry in North America and FUSE it with a healthy ministry from South America ministries. From their web site (www.sonlife.com/fusion/) they describe their invitation for students to INCARNATE, INVEST, and MULTIPLY. “We believe this reflects Jesus’ strategy of entering into our world, pouring His life into a few, and reproducing His character and priorities in them. So that’s what we’re inviting you to do: enter into the world of Latino teenagers, invest your lives in building relationships with those students, and help them build a healthy, disciple-making student ministry by multiplying the character and priorities of Jesus in them.” Is God calling you to join us on this FUSION mission this summer?

Our FUSION Mission: Our Fusion team will have 2 contexts/locations for ministry.

FIRST: our team will be traveling to COSTA RICA and be working with a church and their youth near the town of San Jose. Our students will live with host families in the church and meet daily with the youth of the church. Both groups will work through what are called the Foundations training which talks about the priorities of the life of a disciple. Our students will help lead the discussions in small groups with the teens and focus on building relationships with them. The group will go into the schools to teach English, share aspects of our American culture, and share about their faith in Christ. We will seek to meet the friends of the Costa Rica teens and look to connect with them outside of school. We will also invite them to a ministry event we will host together. Our mission will be to encourage and learn from the teens there, the host families, and the church and together share the love of Jesus with their friends and neighbors.

SECOND: our team will take on a role at the RBC Summer Camp that will be similar to their ministry in Costa Rica. They will build relationships with students in their small groups and seek to encourage them in their walk and in applying what they are learning at camp. The team will also lead training with students who would like to learn and apply the Foundations Training in their lives. The team will also be able to take part in all aspects of summer camp themselves. They will get to experience the blessing of both giving and receiving. We are excited for our FUSION team to be able to grow as disciples who make disciples.

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