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Youth Winter Retreat

February 12 - February 14

Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center


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Registration is now open for the 2021 Youth Winter Retreat, which is for Jr. High and Sr. High students (grades 6 through 12).

Wow, 2020 and into 2021 have been quite the years. I do not need to recite the reasons it has been so crazy, but in the midst of it all we still strongly believe students need to draw away from life. First and foremost, to hear from God without the normal distractions and two, to be together with other brothers and sisters in Christ. Each year we believe the Winter Retreat is critical, but this year we see it as even more critical to continue shepherding and engaging students in building a foundation on the eternal rock, Jesus Christ.

Please keep reading below to find out more details and the mitigation risks we will be taking regarding COVID.

Register here Download the flyer Download the waiver and COVID guidelines


Frank Cirone is our speaker. Usually, he speaks at Summer Camp, but we are blessed this year to have him for Winter Retreat. Students and leaders love listening to Frank! Originally from Rhinebeck, New York, Frank had the privilege of traveling with Major Ian Thomas for 18 months after high school and then attended Capernwray Hall in England and Holsby in Sweden. Frank graduated from Philadelphia Biblical University with a BS in Biblical Education in 1989 before joining the staff at Ravencrest Chalet in Colorado Springs. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Christian Leadership from Denver Seminary. Frank and his wife, Krista, have four grown children. Frank is passionate about sharing Christ with everyone he meets and loves connecting with people for coffee. Frank spends time traveling and speaking at various events in the United States and overseas. He always enjoys adventuring in the Rocky Mountains, especially with Krista.


Please check out the video below which was filmed on site at Refreshing Mountain to get a first-hand of our awesome new retreat location!

This year we are traveling to a new location, which we are very excited about! Refreshing Mountain, located approximately 20 miles north of Lancaster, PA, was founded in 1983 by Marlin and Sharon Harnish as a place where families could be refreshed. The Harnish family still operates the retreat center. We are excited to utilize both the outdoor and indoor recreation and meeting opportunities, especially the top-notch zipline and high ropes course. All rooming in our new location is more spread out than our previous location. Check out the video to get a first-hand view of the new location and COVID guidelines. The emergency contact number is 717-738-1490.


Register by Wednesday, December 23, 2020: $145
Register by Wednesday, January 13, 2021: $165
Register AFTER January 13, 2021: $185

This price includes all activity costs (zipline, high ropes, etc.).

**This price does NOT include riding the bus. To ride the bus, round trip, there is an additional $30.


Bring: MASKS, Winter clothes, sleeping bag, pillow, towel, toiletries, shower shoes, Bible, pen, flashlight, and a great attitude! (And don’t forget your masks!)

Do Not Bring: Anything that could endanger anyone or could be lost, stolen, or broken. Do not bring any electronics (including cell phones), cigarettes, drugs, knives, or prank supplies. If a student brings any of these things, we will take and hold the items until we return from camp. Parents will be asked to come into RBC to pick them up.


General Guidelines

The maximum number of attendees (students, leaders, & staff) is determined by the maximum number of people who can fit in the main meeting area while being safely physically distanced.
All lodging rooms will be at 50% capacity.

Pre-Camp Mitigation: This year we highly recommend students, leaders, and staff to take extra precaution regarding unnecessary exposure to people the week prior to Winter Retreat to mitigate the risk of contracting and spreading COVID or any other virus. One simple way to do this is for all students, staff, and volunteers to wear face masks whenever they are outside their home and wash their hands frequently, especially after being in public. All students, leaders, and staff will be required to take a COVID-19 rapid test on Wednesday, Feb. 10th (see below for more details on the COVID-19 testing).
Shepherd Groups/Small Groups on Wednesday, Feb. 10th will be canceled for COVID-19 testing and to mitigate risk of virus spread while at camp.

General Sanitation at Camp: Hand sanitizers will be stationed at the doors of lodging, dining and main worship center. We are asking the retreat center staff to do frequent cleanings on all frequently used surfaces. Air scrubbers have been installed in the large lodging rooms, the dining and the worship center.

Self-Responsibility & Community Care: Students are asked to be conscious while at the retreat not to hug, not to share food, and remain physically distant. We are also offering full refunds for any reason so that no one will feel the pressure to come because they paid.

Cohorts: The mitigation factor known as “cohorts” will be used at the retreat. This a recommendation by the CDC website for school and community groups. For us, our cohorts will be small groups of students and leaders. The small groups would be near each other in lodging, on the bus, during small group time discussion time, and activities. The goal of this is to keep cohorts together to mitigate potential spread.

If a Student/Staff Develops Symptoms: There will be two separate cabins for males & females who develop symptoms of COVID while at camp (this is something we already did pre-COVID but we would take extra precaution to reduce spread). The camp nurse would have proper PPE to handle anyone with symptoms. We would have other administrative staff to help with other medical issues. IF A STUDENT BECOMES ILL, A PARENT WILL BE ASKED TO COME PICK UP THEIR STUDENT IMMEDIATELY.

 Transportation To and From Camp: There would be two options for transportation.
Option One: parents can drive students to the retreat AND pick them up at the end of the weekend.
Option Two: students can ride the bus with a face mask. Buses would run at 75% capacity. Each bus normally holds 55 people, the max this year on each bus would be 40. We will seat everyone by their cohort/small group

Lodging: There are two large bunkhouses, four small bunkhouses and 27 hotel style rooms. All of the lodging will be at 50% capacity.
In the bunkhouses, the bunks are situated that they face into each other. Bunks are also 3 high, which means we would place one student on the bottom bunk, one on the top, and luggage in-between. We would assign bunks that face into each other by small groups to keep cohorts together (instead of students choosing whichever bunk they want to sleep in). We would ask for masks to stay on until people get into bed.

Outside: As much as the weather allows we will be outside for varying activities. Refreshing Mountain has a lot of great outdoor activities like ziplines, high ropes course, and more.  Being a “Winter” Retreat the reality is we may need to be inside for many things. Students and leaders need to pack winter clothes and to be prepared to be outside even if it is cold.

Inside: While indoors, face masks are required. When in the large group meeting area, physical distancing is required. Our new Winter Retreat location has plenty of locations for each small group to meet and remain physically distanced.

Meals: Meal times will be staggered so that there is not a mass gathering of people. Students would sit with their small group cohort with a chair in-between each other. The Retreat Center requires each person to sanitize their hands and put on plastic gloves to go through the buffet line. Face masks are required until sitting down to eat. A retreat center staff member is serving drinks to everyone. Each time they go back in line they must use hand sanitizer and gloves again.

Free Time: Our free time is on Saturday afternoon from 1:00-5:00 pm. We would have as many options open outside as possible where masks would not be required. Generally, students are physically distant in outdoor games/activities, but we cannot 100% guarantee this. We would also have indoor options available with time slots by gender and grades to mitigate potential spread (this means not everyone can mingle together at the same time in the same indoor location). Masks would be required indoors and we would not allow activities like basketball indoor this year. Other indoor activities would be board games and crafts with masks required. We would bring our 9-Square sets and put them up indoors so that small groups could play together inside with masks on.

COVID Testing

All students, leaders and staff must have a negative COVID-19 test administered by RBC before they can go on the retreat. If someone tests positive, this information will only be shared with the RBC Youth Staff. The COVID-19 testing will be administered by RBC’s Dr. Ed Lee (ENT doctor) and his staff at the RBC Campus. When you register for the Winter Retreat you will also submit your insurance information so that we can then submit it to Dr. Lee’s office. You will receive a call from Dr. Lee’s office regarding your insurance. Almost all insurance companies are covering the entire cost of COVID-19 tests. If your insurance does not cover this please email krisfredericks@restonbible.org who will work with you on a case-by-case basis. All of the testing will take place on Wednesday, February 10, between 5:00-8:00 pm. You will be given a time slot to arrive at RBC and more instruction will be given as we get closer to the retreat.

The PA Secretary of Health has issued an order requiring all travelers over 11 years entering PA to produce evidence of a negative COVID-19 test. We understand that a COVID-19 test does not eliminate every risk, but we do believe it is a wise and prudent mitigation risk along with the other measures we are taking to eliminate any potential spread of the virus while at the retreat. We thank you in advance for your cooperation as we chart into new territory.


The Financial Form is on last page of the online registration. If you have any questions, please contact donnapedroni@restonbible.org. The deadline for financial assistance is January 14, 2021.

Register here Download the flyer Download the waiver and COVID guidelines


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