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New Elders Ordained

In February, we announced three new candidates for our elder council and asked for feedback from the congregation about these men. We are thankful to God for the privilege of ordaining Pete Ferrara,  Jeff Lawler, and Brian Stegeman as elders. You can find pictures and a brief bio of all our elders here. Thanks to all who us gave feedback on these men, and please pray for them as they serve God as elders here at our church.

VIDEO: Adult Bible Fellowships – Fall 2011

Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) at Reston Bible Church are mid-sized groups that meet regularly for fellowship and to encourage one another around in-depth study of God’s Word. The groups have quality teaching based on Scripture, led by men with a gift for presenting God’s Word in an interesting and engaging way.

To get more information and register for our Fall 2011 offerings, please visit

Biblical Eldership

As a follow-up to the teaching on May 29 regarding biblical eldership: With the desire to encourage you into a personal study of biblical eldership, please see the link below to a worksheet that contains a list of all the New Testament verses that discuss elders (and also the term “pastor”). You are encouraged to look at each passage and determine what title is used (elder, overseer, etc.), what is implied regarding role or function (although not all passages are explicit on this), and what additional observations you see from the passage.

Also, leave a comment on this post if you have questions about eldership or leadership here at RBC that weren’t covered in the message from May 29.

LINK: Biblical Eldership Worksheet (.pdf)