If you need some ideas for studies to use in your shepherd group, here are some books and videos that you might want to consider.

Unless otherwise specified, the resources on this page were recommended by RBC shepherd group leaders.

John: Jesus – The Word, The Messiah, The Son of God
John MacArthur

This study of the book of John uses 12 study sessions. Scripture passages are provided within the book, and there are good questions for the group to discuss, along with helpful marginal notes.

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1 & 2 Kings

This is an 8-session study of two books of the Bible that are often neglected. The studies are somewhat lengthy, with a lot of good discussion questions and notes.

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Jared Wilson (ed. J.I. Packer)

This is a 12-session study with a unique format that might take a few weeks to adjust to. It is more than a simple “fill in the blanks” study.

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Paul Tripp

Parenting provides an excellent foundation on how to approach the role of a parent. Its focus is applying the Gospel in the everyday situations for parents. You will be challenged to re-look at both yourself as well as your child. It is written for any parent, but it would be best for parents with preteens or teens.

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Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament
Nancy Guthrie

This is a one-year devotional with daily readings.

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The Hole in Our Gospel
Richard Stearns

This book pushes us to be generous and to spend our lives and resources on the gospel. There are 26 chapters in the book, but it could be studied in one or two chapters per week.

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The Prodigal Prophet
Tim Keller

This book is an outline of the book of Jonah, exploring how God revealed His great love to Jonah, and to the nations, through His “prodigal” prophet. It is fairly short and could be completed in around 10 sessions.

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The Reason for God
Tim Keller

Reason for God provides insights into addressing tough questions about Does God exist, why is their suffering? Why is Christianity the only way? Did the resurrection really happen. It is great for answering questions from either your kids or co-workers, neighbors, etc. This book works for a 15- to 16-week study.

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Respectable Sins
Jerry Bridges

This study consists of a single volume containing 21 chapters of instructional text and nine sessions (lessons). Each lesson contains separate questions for use in both personal and group study, as well as recommendations for further study and prayer.  The book is very convicting, as it highlights so-called “respectable” sins; sins that we often do not recognize as sins, such as pride, selfishness, impatience, lack of self-control, anger, etc.

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Taking God at His Word
Kevin DeYoung

This book is a helpful primer to understanding the majesty of God’s Word and how to approach it, revere it, and study it. The book is fairly short, with eight chapters of around 10-15 pages each. There is a study guide available for download that asks thoughtful questions to spark group discussion.

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Why Small Groups
C.J. Mahaney

Small groups provide the ideal context for “working out our salvation” together. But not all groups are created equal. C.J. Mahaney says “a small group ministry won’t ultimately be effective unless it exists to achieve biblical purposes.” From Scripture, he points out the clear goals of a small group: progressive sanctification out of which flows mutual care, fellowship and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. All new RBC Shepherd Groups use this book to begin their small group ministry. Existing RBC Shepherd Groups are also greatly encouraged to take their group through this book.

Psalm 119
Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler’s study on Psalm 119 is a 10 week video study. Each message is no longer than 19 minutes and most are closer to 10 or 15. Discussion questions are provided. The study focuses on the daily struggles we face in our walk with the Lord and how the power of His Word comforts and strengthens us.

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Pack Your Bags
Andy Stanley

This material is valuable for helping group members see how to be preparing for “what’s next” in their lives. There are five videos in the series, each one between 36 and 47 minutes.

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Future Family
Andy Stanley

This material is valuable for its focus on familial relationships, conflict resolution, and leaving a legacy. It was applicable for everyone in the group. There are six messages in the series, each one between 39 and 48 minutes.

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