Community is one of God’s primary tools to bring wonderful growth and change to our lives, which He is accomplishing through Shepherd Groups. We welcome you and invite you to join us.

A Shepherd Group is a small group (usually 8-15 people) that meets regularly for the purpose of being changed into the image of Christ. These groups are led by trained leaders who have a heart for the Lord and a heart for people. Groups meet two to four times per month for Bible study, fellowship, worship and prayer. Many groups include social events, ministry and outreach as an element of group life.

In these groups, you will find a safe place to develop deep friendships and live out the Gospel. We love, encourage, care for, pray for, hold each other accountable and comfort one another. Together, we grow in the knowledge of our Lord and obedience to His Word. Together, we continue to experience the grace of God.

Currently, we have over 60 Shepherd Groups. We have groups that are same gender, co-ed, same age, same life stage, and multi-generational. We have a group for you.

Our desire is to see everyone in the RBC body connected to a healthy Shepherd Group. I want to encourage you to become actively involved and experience all that God wants to do in and through you. We have many groups that desire to warmly welcome you. Please click on “Join a Group” in the menu to the right, and we will help you find the group that works for you. Thank you, and keep keeping on!