What is True?

Have you every wanted to place all the competing claims for truth in the ring and see which one is left standing? Have you had questions about Christianity’s claims that your church could or would not answer? Have you wanted to hear real dialogue between atheists, Jewish religious thinkers, Christians, and secularists? Have you wanted to hear the best reasons to believe in the foundations of your faith?

If so, Solid Ground is for you.

We are a facilitated group of thinkers, inquirers, skeptics, and believers who are following a guided discussion, dialogue, and debate about what truth is, how to discover it, and what to do with it when we do. We look deeply into our own beliefs and the reasons for believing anything: religious, scientific, daily facts, news, the beliefs of other great faiths and systems of thought, all with the goal of discovering real, undiluted, unabashed truth. If at any point you have had a question about how to discover truth, about Christian beliefs, and about what it all means on a practical basis, we can guarantee your question will be heard and answered clearly, logically, and within the highest standard of evidence and reason.

Join us in-person Sundays at Reston Bible Church (upstairs in Room 250A), or check out our livestream on Facebook.