What does the day look like?
All teams start at Park View High School (400 W Laurel Ave, Sterling, VA 20164) the morning of First Fruits. Volunteers should arrive at 7:45am (Captains at 7:30am). After breakfast, logistics and prayer, teams will depart by approximately 8:00am to their job sites. Teams will break for lunch in the afternoon, then go back out to additional job sites. Around or after 5:00pm depending on your jobs, teams will grab a quick dinner, shop and then deliver food to their assigned family. End time varies by team, but is usually around 7pm. Captains will make sure student volunteers have arranged rides home. That evening, we will livestream an update on the day that will include highlights, giveaways, stories and a total raised from the day.

What do I need to bring?
All participants should bring a rake, gloves, a water bottle, and money for lunch and dinner (most likely fast food or pizza). Each captain will determine the place that best suits the needs of the team, so be sure to tell your captain if you have food restrictions.

How can I share stories and pictures?
Each team captain will be given a Dropbox upload link they can share with their team. If you share photos or videos on your social media account, be sure to use #rbcfirstfruits and tag @restonbible!

Are there ways to help other than being on a team?
Yes, we need help in the morning at Park View for setup, food, greeters and team check-in.

When will I know what team I’m on?
Be sure to specify your team or friend requests when you sign up if you would like to be with someone in particular—you will most likely be assigned to that team. If you sign up without a team or friend request, we will assign you where needed. Either way, your captain should contact you with your team number and his or her name a week or two before the event.

If I have a student participating, who will they be teamed with?
This event was initially created with Jr. and Sr. High students in mind. Students will be on teams with other students and adult leaders. Students won’t be driving other students, and when there are only 2 in a vehicle, they will be the same gender (unless they are family members).

What if I can’t work all day?
We ask that volunteers attempt to commit for the full day if at all possible. Helping with the jobs, spending time at meals together, grocery shopping, and delivering food to a family are all part of the blessing of the day. Involvement in the full day allows you to truly appreciate the value of what you are contributing and the blessing it is to see the fruits of your labor. However, we can certainly make arrangements for you to participate, even if you cannot work the full day. You will need to arrange your own transportation when leaving early or coming late.


What constitutes a family with needs that First Fruits can help with?
We are looking for families who are going through a rough time financially and are not being regularly assisted through other services. We help with the basics: groceries and grocery store gift cards. We accept all referrals and assess who we will be able to help. Then we will get back to the person referring the family to us.

How do I suggest a family in need?
To refer someone in need, register a job or to sign up to work on a team, find the correct link at www.restonbible.or/firstfruits. If you have specific questions before filling out the form, email Ashley Ramsey.


What should I do if my job is going to be longer than two hours?
Give us plenty of notice and we’ll most likely work it into the schedule. However, if you have registered for a two-hour time slot, the team will most likely need to leave at the end of that time to respect the other jobs they have scheduled.

What should I do if I signed up a job but can’t be there that day?
Make sure and let us know ahead of time. You can then arrange to leave instructions and payment or get them to us ahead of time. As long as you can be available to communicate with the captain the week or two prior to the event, we should be able to work it out.


How will RBC use the funds raised?
Most of the funds raised will go to groceries or grocery story gift cards for families referred to us. Another smaller amount will go toward scholarships to high school seniors for their perseverance through difficult circumstances to help them realize their dream of going to college. Any remaining amount will be used to fund scholarships for RBC students who need help to participate in upcoming youth events (like Summer Camp and Winter Retreat).

For any other questions, please email