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Sr. High Bike Trip

March 26, 2021 - April 3, 2021


Join us on a bike trip through Florida during this year’s spring break!

Join the RBC Sr. High Youth Ministry as we travel down to Florida by charter bus, and then bike across Florida and right into Disney. This has been one of the best trips for our teens and their friends over the past 30 years. You don’t want to miss this road trip! We have added COVID precautions to do this trip as safely as possible.

The Cost

$425 (which is $150 less than last year’s cost due to credits that we rolled over to the trip this year)

Our Goals for the Bike Trip

To stretch our teens physically, relationally, and spiritually; to build character, the ability to encourage others, and have the best spring break ever.

What We Do on the Bike Trip

We drive through the night on March 26, spend a half day at the beach, bike for four days (between 30 to 50 miles per day), spend a day in a Disney park, have an awards time and some hang time at Disney until we start our travel back home Friday night. Our bike staff is experienced with leading groups in outdoor adventures. They are well trained and do an excellent job in making the trip fun and safe one for all who go. Everyone is part of a “crew” – helping with meals, setting up tents, handling the group’s luggage, or maintaining the bikes. We will have group time each day where we can celebrate the day, share what we are experiencing & learning, and be challenged to grow in our relationship with God.

What is covered in the cost?

The price of the trip includes the mountain bike for the week, the bike staff, lodging, most meals, admission to Disney, and two t-shirts. The bikers will need to bring money to cover eight meals, snacks, and souvenirs. The expense of the bus and some additional costs are covered by friends of RBC in order to make the trip affordable for our teens and their friends to be able to go.

Numbers & Deadlines

We are limited to about 40 students and 16 of our own staff because of logistics, safety, and the desire to build a true “group” sense on the trip. Registration will be on a first-come basis and will factor having about a even split between guys and girls. We will let you know if you are on the waiting list. Don’t delay! Our teens are encouraged to bring friends with them who also want to get stretched and allow them to enjoy this experience together. Parents are encouraged to visit the website for additional information.

How to Apply for the Bike Trip

If you are interested in going on the Bike Trip, please contact Bob Shull at bobshull@restonbible.org.

Download Medical Authorization Form Download the waiver


We request all students and staff going on the trip to take extra precaution regarding unnecessary exposure to people to mitigate the risk of contracting and spreading COVID or any other virus. One simple way to do this is for all students, staff, and volunteers to wear face masks whenever they are outside their home and wash their hands frequently, especially after being in public. We will not have in-person Shepherd groups on the Wednesday Night before the Trip.
A signup will be forthcoming which will allow all students and leaders to go to Dr. Ed Lee’s office on Wednesday, March 24, between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. Dr. Lee’s staff will administer the COVID-19 rapid tests. This is required for all students and leaders going on the trip. This will allow us to have a high level of certainty that our whole group is COVID-free as we begin our journey together.
We are thankful that almost all of the bike trip happens in the great outdoors! We do not travel or stay
in close proximity to other people outside our group. We will have only 5 people in each of our 10-man tents which will have ample ventilation.
We will have students and staff wear masks when we are in an enclosed inside area with no direct ventilation. This primarily will only affect us when we are traveling by bus. Disney currently requires masks to be worn in all the parks and enforces compliance. Please know that this may change if the COVID conditions and guidelines are different at the time we depart.

We will have an ample supply of hand sanitizer and students will use it throughout the day.

Teens and staff will be asked to be conscientious during our week together not to hug, not to share food, and to remain physically distanced.

We will not be stopping at fast food restaurants on the way down and back but will instead have food brought to us at a predetermined location.

Bathroom stops will require us to use facilities in public locations where we will use masks and hand sanitizer.

The mitigation factor known as “cohorts” will be used on the Bike Trip. This a recommendation by the CDC website for school and community groups. For us, our cohorts will be our bike groups of students and leaders. We will operate as much as we can using these groups for lodging, biking, eating, small group discussion time and activities. This will limit the exposure to the bike groups if someone does contract COVID. The goal of this is to keep cohorts together to mitigate potential spread.
We are thankful that COVID impact on those of high school age has been relatively low. The current data according to the Virginia Department of Health is that those in the 11 to 19 age group: 42,022 have contracted it, 201 have been hospitalized for it, and only 1 has died from it. We recognize that this pandemic is real and that we should all take appropriate precautions to not contract it or spread it. We are encouraged though, that the impact upon teens appears to be very low.
There will be a nurse on the trip as well as COVID rapid tests that will enable us to confirm the status of anyone who shows symptoms that appear to be COVID.

We will be bringing one staff male and one female that we will call our “COVID couple.” They will be with us on the trip and if anyone on the trip is confirmed to have COVID, they will have their own transportation and lodging for them to be with the students in quarantine. They will stay in quarantine until Friday when they will travel back in their quarantine vehicle along with the group that will be in the bus. We do not foresee this happening but want to be prepared if it does.

We documented all the guidelines we would be observing on the Bike Trip and proposed them to the Elder Council. They reviewed all the details about our trip and the safety measures we will be observing and gave us their approval for the trip. We are thankful for their oversight and input.
Download Medical Authorization Form Download the waiver


March 26, 2021
April 3, 2021