In today’s North American culture, we are flooded with seminars, books, and other resources that tell us what we should be doing to raise our kids. But how do we know if the book we pull off the shelf is right?

Should we follow the trend to have a psychologist examine our child so that we can find the method that is “right for him/her”? Reston Bible Church believes that God has made every child unique, but that He also supplied the ultimate guidebook that applies to raising all children – the Bible.

RBC provides a parenting course to equip parents to raise the next generation. Registration is required for all courses, which are open to everyone — even those who are not parents.


Parenting Principles Introduction is a one-hour overview of the foundational principles that are found in the Scriptures for raising children of all ages. Parenting Principles - Introduction is a prerequisite for parents who desire to have their child dedicated at RBC.

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"Methods are many. Principles are few. Methods always change. Principles never do.” This four-session class will outline seven biblical principles to guide your parenting philosophy, tactics, and decision making. Appropriate for expectant parents through parents of high schoolers.

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