Reston Bible Church has partnered with Door of Hope and their SACS Family Thrift Store location in Ashburn.


Door of Hope, a non-profit charitable organization located in Ashburn, Va., has partnered with local churches in Nicaragua, Haiti, and Sierra Leone to provide assistance in addressing the oppression, poverty, disease and lack of education opportunities that keep much of the world’s population spiritually lost. Door of Hope collects, sorts, containerizes and ships used clothes to these poverty stricken areas which are resold, creating funds for clean water development, employment training, job opportunities, improved sanitation and more than anything else, bringing “hope” to impoverished people.

Donations of gently-used clothing and household items will make a difference in many different lives in many different ways. Locally, we are able to make low-cost items available to our local community. Internationally, we are able to fund the various projects mentioned above. As our partnership grows, it is our desire to have opportunities to make fully-devoted followers of Christ through our relationships with the local customers of the new Sterling location.


SORT ITEMS: If you are interested in volunteering to help sort and price items in the store, click here.

DONATIONS @ RBC: A white trailer is located in the RBC parking lot for you to drop off donations of clothing and household items on Sunday mornings. Stop by the Welcome Desk if you would like a receipt for your donation.

DONATIONS @ THE THRIFT STORE: If you are interested in making a donation during the week, the store is located at 21770 Beaumeade Circle Suite 155, Ashburn 20147.

Please call 703-430-1500 for more information.